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Mick Jagger Disco Fries TickTock Diner NJ

Mick Jagger

On stage Thursday night at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, the legendary Rolling Stones frontman divulged to the audience that prior to the band’s latest monster Garden State performance, they visited the almost-as-legendary Tick Tock Diner in Clifton Thursday morning.
Yes, they chowed down on Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwiches.
And yes, Jagger explicitly called it Taylor ham, not pork roll.
Maria Portalakis, who was managing the diner Friday morning, said she wasn’t there when Jagger came in – nor were any of the staff who were on duty this morning — but that it’s all anyone at the diner is talking about this morning.
She couldn’t say what time he came by, if he came inside at all or if the band was in tow, but she was psyched that the rocker chose the Tick Tock Diner.
“He could have gone to any diner. We’re obviously happy he came to us of all places,” Portalakis said, praising the Tick Tock’s Taylor ham, egg-and cheese. “It’s really good. I actually had one this morning with avocado."
Is it significant that a star like Jagger called it Taylor ham and not pork roll?
“If he’s in North Jersey, then Taylor ham would be the correct term,” Portalakis said.

Clifton , New Jersey
MICK JAGGER'S Favorite Diner

While we can’t be certain if he Jagger took sides in our endless breakfast meat debate simply because that’s how the sandwich is written on the Tick Tock menu — or perhaps it’s a tribute to ex-Stone Mick Taylor — but whatever he wants to call it, a rock luminary munching the same sandwich many of us Jerseyans eat after a hard night of drinking is pretty cool. Plenty of other famous celebrities have mentioned stopping by the Tick Tock Diner, too, including comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Artie Lange.
Though we do not condone the 76-year-old star eating this artery-clogging food after he just underwent heart surgery earlier this year.
The Tick Tock Diner is one of the state’s most well known eateries, and was named the country’s second-best 24-hour diner by the Daily Meal in 2017.
"Literally everyone from North Jersey has heard of the Tick Tock Diner, and just about all of them have dined there as well,'' the website said. "It’s really, really good ... this diner is a quintessential New Jersey hangout, with a menu about as long as War and Peace.''
In 2017, the Tick Tock made the news when Gov. Chris Christie met with Gov. Andrew Cuomo there.
The Stones’ visit to the diner also included disco fries and Sloppy Joe sandwiches, Jagger said.
The band has had plenty of opportunities to chow down on Jersey eats over the last 50-plus years. Its first Garden State concert was at Symphony Hall in Newark Nov. 7, 1965, on the heels of its “Out Of Our Heads” album (Patti LaBelle opened). The rock icons would go on to play 24 New Jersey dates — including this “No Filter Tour” run, which hits MetLife again Monday — across its prolific career.







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