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Daniel Bellino Z

Bolognese Sauce. You gotta just love it. It’s one of the greatest things ever. Some say it's the Greatest Dish of All, oh-so-tasty and soul satisfying. Do you know it? Have you ever tasted the Real Thing? Well here it is, in all its glory and wonderfulness that is a properly made Bolognese, rich, lush, and fantastic, it’s Bolognese! OK, this is My Bolognese, or should I say, "My Famous Bolognese," The Secret Recipe. It’s the one that Chef Pasquale showed me how to make, way back in 1985. I taught my cousins Joe and Tony and my friends Pat P. and Jimmy S, and not many other people in this world until now. So here it is Danny’s Famous Bolognese. It’s a winner and I absolutely Guarantee it will more than please everyone and anyone you feed it to. When you know how to make Bolognese, it will change your life. For once you know how to make Bolognese, You're a King of Men ... Bolognese is really that good. When you make one for someone your status and esteem is instantly elevated, that's Bolognese. And not just Bolognese but some of Italian-Amerca's favorite dishes as well. This book is the perfect starter Italian Cookbook as well as the one-and-only source for Danny's Secret Bolognese. The book is condensed down to give the best most essential recipes of the great Italian Repertoire of Foods ... Some Recipes include; Lasagna, Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Asparagus Parmigiano, Oregano Chicken, Fettuccine Alfredo, Stuffed Zucchini, Marinara, and of course Danny's Famous Bolognese, one of the World's Great Recipes ever, we're sure you'll agree. 

Danny Bolognese is a Pen Name for this The RAGU BOLOGNESE Cookbook by BEST SELLING ITALIAN COOKBOOK Author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke .. Daniel has been a Food Restaurant & Wine Professional for more than 30 years working in such esteemed New York City Restaurants as; Da Silvano, Del Posto, Barbetta, and John's of 12th Street .. 

Daniel has a fine pedigree in the World of Italian Food & Wine working as a cook, Chef, and Wine Director of some of New York's mostly highly renowned Italian Restaurants. Daniel created and operated America's First Ever Venetian Wine Bar / Restaurant with the opening of his highly esteemed restaurant BAR CICHETTI where Daniel was; Chef, Wine Director, and Managing Partner. Daniel is one of America's foremost authorities of Italian Wine .. He lives and writes in New York's Greenwich Village and is currently working on a book about Chianti, the wine, the region, the food and peoples.



Danny Bolognese




Danny Bolognese "Secret Recipe" Bolognese T-Shirt. Daniel Bellino Zwicke is famous for his amazing Ragu Bolognese, one of the World's Great Pasta Sauces. He says that he was taught the Secret Recipe of a great Bolognese Sauce in 1987 by Chef Pasquale of Brindisi, Italy, while Daniel (aka Danny Bolgonese) was working as a Cook at Caio Bella Restaurant on 3rd Avenue in New York City. Daniel eventually opened his own restaurant Bar Cichetti in Greenwich Village, which he created. It was the 1st Venetian WIne Bar (Bacaro) ever in The United States of America. Danny was the Head CHef, Wine Director and managing partner of Bar CIchetti which made quite a splash in New York. Along with items like; Pesci en Saor, Caponata, Eggplant Parmigiano, various Pasta Dishes, Risotto, Paparadelle with Duck Ragu, and other items, of course Chef Danny had his famous Pasta with Ragu Bolognese on the menu. Well it, hadn't become famous yet. Publications like, Crains, The New York Times, The NY Post, Bloomberg, and others gave Daniel, his food and restaurant stellar reviews. When The Journal of Italian Food Wine & Travel did a 6 page article on Daniel, his Food, and Bar Cichetti, and they stated that his Ragu Bolognese was the Best in America, that's when his Bolognese took off, it became famous, and along the way, people started calling Chef Daniel Bellino Z, "Danny Bolognese" and the rest is history. A few years later, Danny wrote his BEst Selling Book, The Ragu Bolognese Cookbook (on Amazon .com).

So, if you Love Pasta and tasty Italian Meat Ragu, and Italian Food in general, you are sure to Love this Cool T-Shirt - Bolognese "The Secret Recipe" by Danny Bolognese. "Get yours today"

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