Sunday, January 15, 2023

How I Increased My Books Sales Overnight





Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy, and proud to say that my Book Sales have quite literally increased 5 Fold almost overnight. Yes, they Tripled, Quadrupled, and then my book sales increase by a mutiple of 5, yes overnight. But this tremendous increase in my book sales on Amazon .com
may have soured in just a few days time (5 days), from an average of about 2.5 books a day, to about 15 of my books being sold almost everyday, it actually took years to accomplish this wonderful feat, that will put substancially more money in my pockets, each and every month, I hope for a long time to come. 

I published my first book "La Tavola" 10 years agon, on June 18, 2012 ... I've been working hard, to try to increase sales ever since. The book didn't sell fast at all. It took time, and has been a slow grind to increase sales to get as many sales as possible, each and every month since 2012. My sales are throught the World's Biggest Book Seller of them all. Yes Amazon. Amazon has been a boom to me and other authors who might not get published, if not for Amazon. They have offered me, and thousands of authors, who might never get pusblished and sell books, and possibly make a lving, if Amazon did not exist. Because of Amazon, not only have I become a published author, but I am a Bestselling Author several times over, with books like Grandma Bellino's Italian Cookbook, Segreto Italiano, Got ANt Kahlua (aka The Big Lebowski Cookbook) and more. All thanks to Amazon and the services that they provide. Services that publish your book, and put it on the greatest sales platform on Earth, ... 

WhenI first published my book La Tavola in 2012, it took a few month before I made any money at all. Yes I sold a few books, but Amazon will not cut you any check for less than $100 ... In the beginining, when I say just a few sale, I mean a few sales. Like just 4, 5, or 6 book sales a month at first. In the first year and a half or so, it would take 3 or 5 months before I'd have enough sales to total $100 or more, and thus have Amazon send me my very own Check, paid to me, for sales of books that I had written. After a while, about a year and a half, I'd get sales of $100 or more in a month, and I started getting Checks every month. This was exciting, It wasn't a lot of sales, or money, but it was something, and it was an increase. I started blogging, trying to increase my sales. The content of my blogs, was mostly about food, cooking, and recipes, and of Italian Food, and Italian American Cutlture, Italian New York, and Italy, and it's many wonderful cities and places : Vencie, ROme, Florence, Capri, and Positano, and all of Italy, and of course its cuisine, the foods of Italy, is what I wrote about, and posted pictures in my blogs.

I started getting checks from Amazon, every month for something over $100, but much less than $200 a month, eventually I'd get enough sales, whereby I was getting checks every month for $300 a month, and then about 4 or 5 Hundred Dollars a month, which was the point I was at up until October of 2022. 

... to be Continued ...

In October of 2022, I posted a short video clip of Frank Sinatra singing "My Way" on my Instagram page  NewYork.Italian ... The video starting getting traction with Thousands of Likes, and was in the # Spot on the Hashtag #NewYorkItalian on Instagram. From there I started getting a lot more Instagram Followers ... I started posting a considerable amount of post, several a day. All related to Italian New York, the people, Food, restaurants, Italian Specialty Shops, Pizzerias, Pastry Shops, Italian Butcher Shops, Italian Music, and anything to do with anything Italian, in New York, America, and the motherland, Italy. I started getting 1,000 new Followers everyday, then 2 thousand, and starting in the New Year of 2023, 5 to 6 Thousand New Followers every single day. "I was Blowing Up" as they say. And so were my books sales, mostly of my books : SUNDAY SAUCE,
Grandma Bellino's Italian Cookbook, and my latest POSITANO The AMALFI COAST Travel Guide - Cookbook.  I went from selling 2 or 3 books a day, or maybe more on better days, but usually just 2 to 3 books sold a day, to 15 to 20 a day or more, practically over night. 

Most months, my total book sales are between 75 to 90 books sold a month on Amazon .com ... My checks would average between $350 to $450 a month. "Not bad" And I was happy with these numbers, but always working to increase my sales, by promoting them on my Blogs, Facebook groups & Pages, and my Instagram accounts. I always felt that maybe one day everything would "Blow Up" getting a lot more traffic on one of my websites, or Instagram accounts, and now it fianally has. My Instagram "NewYork.Italian" has blown up, and thus my Book Sales, which is my ultimate goal, to sell more of my books all the time. And so I have.

Looking at my Amazon Book Sales dashboard today (January 15, 2023), I have book sales of 230 Books sold so far for the Month of January 2023 ... I sold 215 Paperback Books and have 15 Kindle book sales so far, and the month is only half way through, and the first few days, the sales had not yet kicked into high speed until about January 5th.

"Hello again folks. I'm back. A few days later. It's January 15, 2023, and by Instagram page
@NewYork.Italian is now 83,000 Followers and Counting. I expect the Magical Number of 100,000 in 10 days or less, and then 250,000,  then on to a half Million, and on to 1 MILLION Followers and maybe even more. "We'll see?"

January 15, 2023

83,000 plus INSTAGRAM Followers


Daniel Bellino

Yes, I'm up to more than 83 Thousand followers as of January 15, 2023.




Daniel Bellino "Z"




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