Friday, October 9, 2020

Mark David Chapman is a Piece of Shit




December 8th 1980

In front of his home The Dakota

On West 72nd Street


Words of the Piece of Shit Mark David Chapman


This is a PIECE of SHIT


Yes, that’s right, Mark Daivid Chapman is a No Good Piece of Shit who should rot in Hell. “What? You say, who is Markd David Chapman?” Well for those of you who’ve never hear of this no good Piece of Shit, he’s the piece of shit or murdered John Lennon. Who’s John Lennon you say? Oh my God? Yes, many know, but I’m sure there might be some young people who may have never heard of him. Well for one, he was one member of The Fabe Four, the band known as The Beatles, widely considered one of the greatest bands of all-time, and certainly many people would say the greatest and most influencial bands of the 20th Century, and even now39 years after John’s death, the Beatles have produced some of the greatest music that is listened to since the recordings made in the 1960s, and some of the greatest music that people listen to (thanks to reccordings) in the 21st Century, a Century that has hardly produced any good music at all, but only God Awful garbage, that peopel have the nerve to call music. “It’s not,” it’s shit, I’m so sorry to say, but back to the great John Lennon, former Beatle and then astonishing solo artist who was prodcuing some of the greatest music of the past two centuries even recording on the day he died when he was assasinated in front of his house ( The Dakota) by the no good Piece of Shit bastard, No Good Motherfucker piece of garbage Mark David Chapman on Monday December 8th 1980 for no good reason other that he (Mark David Chapman) is a No Good Piece of Shit Miserable Piece of Shit no good Fucking Lowlife Fuck. “Am I making myself clear here? I hate that no good Piece of Shit Lowest Form of Life Mark David Chapman who is rotting in a prison for murdering John Lennon, leaving his young son Sean Lennon fatherless, and his wife Yoko a widow all because the no good Piece of Shit couldn’t deal with his shitty life, why did he have to kill John Lennon? Why? They say that he (Chapman) said that he was frustrated with John Lennon’s lifestyle and public statements. “So you shoot the guy, you no good fuck?” They say that that piece of Shit Mark David Chapman had delusions related to Holden Caufield in JD Salinger Cather in The Rye. “So you kill John Lennon, you no good Piece of Shit Asshole (Chapman). Why, you no good motherfucker?” I hope I’m making myself clear hear? “Mark David Chapman is a no good Piece of Shit.” He murdered John Lennon.

John Lennon was a English Musician, member of The Beatles, born Liverpool, England October 9, 1940.

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