Monday, August 24, 2020

Jerry Seinfeld Slams NYC Comedy Club Owner


Jerry is Pissed 

Jerry Seinfeld says, “The last thing we need in the thick of so many challenges is some putz on LinkedIn wailing and whimpering, ‘Everyone’s gone! I want 2019 back!'” the Seinfeld star writes. “Oh, shut up. Imagine being in a real war with this guy by your side.”

Seinfeld continues: “He says he knows people who have left New York for Maine, Vermont, Tennessee, Indiana. I have been to all of these places many, many, many times over many decades. And with all due respect and affection, Are .. You .. Kidding .. Me?!

“He says Everyone’s gone for good. How the hell do you know that? You moved to Miami. Yes, I also have a place out on Long Island. But I will never abandon New York City. Ever.”


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