Wednesday, March 25, 2020



Mitch McConell is a No Good PIECE of SHIT !!! I don't like getting political but this no bastard is a no good #MotherFucker !!! "Am I making myself clear." ? New York has benn hit harder with the CoronaVirus than any other place in America. More than 200 people have killed my CoronaVirus in NewYork City alone. NewYork State has 1/3 of all CoronaVirus cases in America, yet that #PieceIfShit bastard Mitch spicically ear-marked a measly 1 Billion Dollars out of a Total of 150 Billion Dollars allocated for 50 states of The Untied States of #America. That's far less than 1% to NY State, a state that has 34% of the total #CoronaVirus cases in America. Do the Math! That bastard weasel McConnell specifically allocated a meager 1 Billion to #NewYork Stare. "FUCK YOU MITCH" ! @nycmayor @nygovcuomo @chuckschumer @realdonaldtrump 

This is from an Istagram post I made, after I heard that "No Good Bastard Mitch McConnell" Specifically allocated on 1 Billion Dollars out of a Stimulus Package of 150 Billion Dollars for the 50 States of The UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Giving New York State, the state that has more positive Coronavirus cases "by far" than any other state in The Union, thereby allocated less than 1% for New York State and a Big Slap in The Face from that No Good MotherFucker Mitch McConnell. "FUCK YOU MITCH" !!! You Turkey Neck Motherfucking Bastard ! You Suck !

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