Friday, June 30, 2023

Penelope Cruz Worlds Sexiest Woman Beautiful

   Vicky Christina Barcelona, in a World of Bad Movies, Horrible Television, and some of the Worst Music of All-Time, it is quite refreshing, "It's Good,"
It's Wonderful as a matter-of-fact, to have a movie such as Woody Allen's
Vicky Christina Barcelona ... The movie does just what a movie should, it makes you feel good. The movie makes you wish, if you're a man, that you were Juan Antonio, Javier Bardem's character, making love to three absolutely gorgeous women in short time and two at the same time with the incredibly Sexy and one of the World's most beautiful woman "Penelope Cruz"  along with the very beautiful Scarlett Johanson. "Wow!"

   I, unlike many in America don't call that many female movie stars among the most beautiful in the World as in the case with Julie Roberts and women before her like Lonny Anderson, not at all that beautiful, though many in the press and media had called these women beautiful and gorgeous. No! Penelope Cruz, now there, my friends is one of the Most Gorgeous, Sexy, Vivacious women to ever grace the Silver Screen or the World for that matter. When I look at Penelope Cruz in this movie, I just want to die, she is so dam Sexy, I want to jump her bones. My Heart is palpitating just thinking about her. So if i can't have her, yes, I feel like i want to die.

This is the job that Woody Allen has done in one of his best films in years, One of the best films in the past decade and dare I call a masterpiece.
By the same token, if you are a woman, you will fantasize being with Javier Bardem, or a man like his character in the movie.
Yes this movie came out several years ago, but as I just saw it the other night on a DVD from netflix, just had to talk about it. If you are a passionate romantic it can't fail to move you.
   Two young woman, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Christina (Scarlett Johanson) who go to Barcelona to spend the summer as they have been offered to stay in the home of Vicky's family friends.   
   The plot centers around Vicky and Christina who go sight seeing, dining, and explore the wonderful Catalonian city. One night they spot a artist Juan Antoion at a art opening. Christina is intrigued by him and ask her friends who he is.
   Later in the evening Vicky and Christina spot Juan Antonio at a restaurant. Chrisina and Juan Antonio are eying each other across the room. Juan Antonio walks over to Vicky and Chrisina and introduces himself, then in short time invites the two Beautiful young Women to spend the weekend with him in the city of Ovedio and for the three of them to make Love together. Vicky is appalled by Juan Antonio's brazen advance while Chrisitna thinks it's charming and adventurous. Chrisitna wants to go, Vicky of course does not want to but agrees, if only to keep her eye on Christina and save her from this Don Juan.
  Juan Antonio is still violently enamored with his emotionally unstable Ex-Wife Maria Elena.

   So the girls go away for the weekend, both for different reasons, Christina wants the lost artist lover Juan Antonio, Vicky does not. A Love Triangle ensues. Check that Love Rectangle, there's more than three sides (people). There are four. Three woman, and the Lucky, most men would say, Juan Antonio.
   I shall not tell you anymore, only that the movie is wonderful, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johanson, and even Rebecca hall are all Beautiful and full of life. Woody Allen is still a genius, and you just have to see the movie, if you have not already, and if you have, it's so dam Good, it's probably time to be enamored once again. Maybe you need it as inspiration to spark your own Love Life! And who in this World could ever get enough of the Gorgeously Vivacious Penelope Cruz?

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke




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