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Venice Erotica


"Making Love"

A Venetian Night

Part 1:

Sunlight is just beginning to break through the curtains as dawn breaks on a new day in Venice. Taking in a deep, fulfilling breath I turn to you and prop myself up on my elbow. You are resting peacefully still, beautiful in the soft glow of light slowly spreading into the suite. My gaze slowly moves over you, working to commit every curve, every detail to memory. I lean over and let my lips brush softly on your cheek, just long enough to stir you into the present. Your eyes fluttering open, a deep satisfying smile spreading over your lips, your eyes looking into my own. Leaning over again as your hand reaches up to move to the back of my neck while I softly kiss you good morning. Lips parting after a few soft brushes, our tongues just barely touching and teasing. I pull back smiling, and at the same time pull the sheet off your naked body. Unashamedly letting my eyes roam over your full breasts and hardening nipples. The cool air of the morning creating just a slight chill on your exposed skin. You protest slightly as my fingers gently caress up the outside of your thigh and your hips and legs part, inviting me, welcoming me to your sex. I lean in for another kiss, our eyes open as our tongues dance lightly over each other, my fingers caressing gently the fullness of your lips, just teasing, and hinting at what is to come...

You look hurt as I pull back, and I say No, No, No playfully. We have a full day of sight seeing ahead of us, and I'm going to use every opportunity to tease you while we take in the beauty of this city. The anticipation is going to be a fun part of this day, maybe as much as the excitement of seeing and discovering new places. Leaning over one more time, I place some soft kisses around your left breast, before I slowly lick and then suck on your nipple. Pausing to look up at the contentment and desire in your eyes as I repeat the process on your right breast. It's going to be a fun day I promise - as I hop up laughing mischievously, clearly aroused, and head for the shower. We leave in 10 minutes...

Part 2:

You look amazing in that knee length dress, with a light sweater cardigan pulled over. I literally just stop and stare almost awkwardly as you walk out of the bedroom to the sitting area of the suite. You strike a flirtatious pose for me and laugh, come on, we have a lot to do today. I take your offered hand in mind and head to the door, fingers interlacing with your own. Already feeling the electricity surging between us as our fingers dance lightly over each others hands. I have the door about half open for you when you push it firmly shut with a loud slam, simultaneously pushing me against the wall forcefully. Completely unexpected. You see the confusion in my eyes, as they dart back to you. You just smile as your hand deftly grasps the zipper of my khaki's. You didn't think I was going to let you do all the teasing for today did you? My hardening cock already snaked out gently being caressed by your hand as you lower yourself to your knees and run your tongue over my cock and along my head, eyes locked on mine before you lower your head and take me in your mouth. I feel five seconds of good hard sucking, the wet loveliness of your lips and tongue surrounding me as you make love to my cock. Just as suddenly as you started, you stop. Standing up and thrusting your tongue in my mouth as your hands guide my swollen cock back inside my khaki's. Zipping me up, you give me a quick peck on the lips. Now we can go. Don't think you're the only one who will be doing the teasing today...

Part 3:

This is going to be a fun day! I lock the door behind us and take my time catching up to you at the elevator. After all, watching your lovely ass sashay down the hall in your dress is worth appreciation equal to the Sistine Chapel. You eventually catch on and turn around with a bright smile, realizing I'm indulging myself in your beauty - appreciating the shameless attention and glowing in your own radiant way.

When in Venice...well let's start the day with a Gondola ride, no doubt the first of many. We're in for a half hour ride on our first run, just long enough to appreciate the feel of the water, and start our appreciation of the beautiful city from a great vantage point. Our driver serenades us in Italian, a lovely, musical, romantic sound as we sit side by side, my arm snugly around you. Your right hand just above my knee, just mindlessly and softly caressing my inner thigh while we share the moment silently. Not an overtly sexual experience, but arousing nonetheless in our heightened state. My eyes dance from the architectural wonder of the floating city to the tops of your knees and hint of the soft skin of your thighs peaking out from the dress, and further up to the rise and fall of your breasts with each breath, which is hypnotic in its own way. The conservative cut of your dress only providing me a moderate hint of the treasure hidden beneath. My left hand gently caressing your shoulder and arm, the circuit of electricity between us complete and flowing. The silence between us masking the fantasies and visuals mixing in our minds with the landscape. Without anything seen passing between us we both turn to each other in a passionate embrace, enjoying a long slow silent kiss. Your lips soft, full and sensual as our tongues move slowly tasting and exploring each other, without care for anyone watching. In fact, the voyeurism only adding another layer to the excitement of the morning. Your hand sliding up to rest on my swollen cock over my khaki's, which elicits a slight moan and gasp from each of us - yours driven by the desire to guide my swollen head to your sex as I part you and we slowly join as one, the fullness of my cock bringing you intense pleasure. My thoughts equally delighting in the warmth of that union, its perfection and intimacy. Complete satisfaction and hunger passing between our eyes. Realizing our eyes have both opened as the kiss ends, we know we're sharing the same images and anticipation. As I help you from the gondola I pull you to me for a long embrace. Let's go find a quiet place for brunch. I need nourishment for this afternoon...

Part 4:

We wind our way through narrow streets and over many walking bridges arriving at Piazza San Marco. The square is bustling with tourists and people, and we also pause to look at St. Mark's Clocktower, snapping a few photos together. We stroll through Cafe Florian for a coffee and check that off our list. Continuing a leisurely stroll, hand in hand, not a care in the world. Anticipation also still building and right under the surface.

Always aware of our surroundings, I note with pride the number of men, locals and tourists from around the globe, who continue to give you an approving glance, eyes just lingering first on you, and then briefly on me. All their looks communicate the same thing - this girl is beautiful, she belongs in Italy, that's a lucky guy.

We make our way over to the Hotel Monaco for brunch, hungry, and ready to sit comfortably outside while indulging in great food, no where to be. We start off with bellini's, eyes flirting with each other, conversation is easy and flows. Surrounded by this beauty, looking out over the canal, it's hard to remember we're actually here, and it's not a dream. The pace is so much easier outside the US, where we're not rushed to clear the table. Finding our own natural time, we slip out and I flag down a water taxi. I love these old boats, the wood is rich and luxurious, and just a hint of privacy and cover from the chill as we make the short trip back to Hotel Londra Palace and our room.

I waste no time as we sit down, my back turned just enough to shield us from the driver as I lean in and kiss you deeply. My free hand immediately finding its way to your neck for a firm squeeze, my grip conveying my strength, and the struggle I'm having maintaining control of the passion waiting to erupt. Your hand reaches for my cock, squeezing, rubbing, encouraging me. My hand sliding down your open neck to cup your breast and tease your nipples. I lean over to kiss your neck and you feel a rush of excitement noticing the driver's eyes are watching us in his rear view mirror. Your legs part for me as my fingers dance lightly across your inner thighs, tracing my way slowly up. You feel the hunger inside building as my fingers begin to apply pressure against your swollen, wet, hot lips and clit, your hips involuntarily beginning to move gently to me. Your hands on my head encourage me to continue my journey down and I sense what is happening. I gladly find my lips at the top of your breasts kissing them softly while my fingers part you and slowly stretch and slide deeply into you. I'm able to just barely free your breast to take your nipple into my mouth, covering it completely as I suck in deeply, running my tongue over it, teasing, licking, sucking, kissing, and gently biting. Your eyes unfocused and hazy in the pleasure you feel, aware that we are being watching, and not caring at all. Your sexual desire trumping all other thoughts, moaning, gasping, thrusting forward against my fingers deeply inside you, cupping my head to your breast, the feeling of my lips, tongue, and desire passing through you with each lick and thrust of my fingers. My breathing deep and labored, your legs parting further as you feel your orgasm building in your toes from deep within, cascading through your body, shutting everything out except the pleasure, the satisfaction, as it rolls through you wave after wave of pleasure, your grip at once firm as you hold me and then shaking from the release of tension. I slowly let my fingers slide from you and kiss you deeply. Sensing we're about to arrive by the slowing of the engine. Tipping generously as the driver hands me his card and says please call again if you need a ride. We adjust ourselves, barely attempting to hide what we've been doing as we head off quickly to our room...

Part 5:

I don't even attempt to hide my arousal as we walk briskly hand in hand into the lobby to the elevators. All of the beauty of the hotel is lost on us as we focus the energy radiating between us, attempting only slight control. Our bodies buzzing with anticipation, each breath only heightening the sensual energy flowing between us. We're both experiencing a sensation of being very alive and present in the moment. Time seems to slow down just a bit as our senses take everything in. The feel of cool air on your legs, the chill as that air reaches the dampness of your pussy. Your nipples aching for release, for stimulation, for touch, the fabric doing little to hide how hard they are. Your aware of the feeling of the dress sliding across your hips and ass as we walk and it's also increasing your arousal. I'm awash with the same experience, my cock bouncing slightly with each stride, full and thick, but not entirely hard and straining for release yet.

As the doors close in the elevator for the short ride up, I am instantly on you. Pressing you firmly against the wall as I grind myself hard into your parted legs. My hand reaching down to hold your ass and pull you to me fiercely. Willing myself into you through the clothes separating us. Our kiss sloppy, wet, animalistic.

I quickly lock the door behind us to the room and put out the do not disturb sign. You take me by the hand leading me into our suite, heading to the balcony as I kick off my shoes and untuck my shirt behind you, my gaze never leaving your ass, wanting to take you right there, the desire so intense to lift up your dress and tear away your thong as I plunge deeply into you from behind, fucking hard and intense, my swollen cock filling you completely. My heard swollen and thick inside you, pulsing. My reverie broken at the door as you unbuckle my belt, and pull it quickly one handed all the way out, tossing it aside.

Guiding me into a chair, you open my khaki's and kneel before me, smiling, your eyes full of lust, passion, wanton desire, a need to satisfy me. You are hungry for my cock and you release me, running your hand slowly up and down my swollen cock, your thumb working my precum around. The feeling of how wet the head of my cock is sending satisfaction deeply within you, you are wet with desire, intensely aware of your clit throbbing. Your eyes on mine as you lick my shaft from the base to the tip, kissing all around my cock. Pulling me to the edge of the chair you grip my pants and boxers together and pull them down, laughing shamelessly. Your hand back on my cock as you lick and suck first one of my balls and then another into your mouth, sucking and biting gently, your hand still slowly working my cock. I can feel the heat of your breath on my and I attempt no control, giving in completely to the moment and its pleasure. Riding wave after wave of intensity. Your tongue probing under my balls, licking and teasing me until I feel it teasing my ass and I groan out in pleasure. Your hand slowly working my throbbing cock, while your tongue dances over my wet ass. You hear my moaning continue. Sensing the pleasure you are bringing me, you slowly return to my cock, replacing your tongue with a finger, teasing me while you suck me in deeply, working my cock into your mouth, and making love to it with your tongue, and lips. The satisfaction, warmth, and pleasure filling every inch of my body. I am rock hard and rigid in your mouth, and you love the control you have over me in this moment. You feel my muscles begin to seize, my hands reaching for your head, my grip sudden and tight as I thrust forward again and my cock explodes, pulsing in your mouth, my cum shooting again, and again and again into you. I feel you drinking it down, sucking and gulping, surprised my cock remains so full, engorge and aroused. Your gentle as you lick and suck my cock, lovingly looking at it as you lick and suck it, my head sensitive, and the movement of your lips and tongue setting off lightning within me as you feel me jumping at your touch.

My hand cupping your face, my thumb running over your cheek, come here ... I pull you up to my lap ...

Part 6:

You smile wickedly at me, resisting my pull and run your tongue over my head, gripping me firmly in your hand. You swirl your tongue over my head and tell me that you need me nice and hard first. Looking up at me as you shrug first one side of your dress off your right shoulder, and then your left. Cupping your hands over your breasts to keep the fabric up, you look deeply in my eyes as I tell you how beautiful you are. The thought of your full breasts is already reviving the life in my cock as I feel myself beginning to swell again, life flowing into with each full breath - anticipation of our union together. You slowly, deliciously let first one then the other side fall. Your breasts are divine. I am mesmerized as I study each curve, reaching out to let my finger tips dance lightly along the outside of each breast, firm enough not to tickle, but still gentle, delicate, loving. Your eyes close as you breath in deep, leaning in to my touch. My hands cupping your breasts, running over your hard nipples, teasing them, feeling them grow harder. I slide forward feeling my cock get harder as I position myself between your breasts, pumping my hips, mesmerized by the view. You toss your head back, shaking your hair off your shoulders and softly moan out.

As I pull you up this time, your eyes open and connect with mine, and there's no doubt we're about to satisfy the morning's cravings and teasing. Your eyes don't break from mine as you slowly slide your way up my body. Each leg straddling my hips as you move them slowly forward and then back, my cock jumping with the contact of your wet pussy. Our eyes still connected, neither of us able to look away as your hips slowly move forward and back again. I struggle to remain still, but it's worth it and I don't want you to think I'm in a rush...

Your eyes close again as you focus on the feeling of the ridge of my head as it slides along your full lips, up to your clit and back down. The teasing is sending shocks through your body, electrifying, bolts reaching out to your toes and sending chills through you. I notice with satisfaction that your hips are moving faster and your breathing is getting deeper. You're almost in your own world. A moan escapes from your lips and your fingers grip my arms tightly. I sense the moment is right, and I let my hips match your rhythm. My hands on your ass pulling you just enough that I begin to part you. You move back, eyes open again as my hard, swollen cock begins to slowly slide deeper and deeper inside you until every inch of me is buried inside your tight, wet, hot pussy. My hands clamp down on your ass, trying to pull myself even deeper into you. Our hips begin a slow dance together.

Our lips meet, tongues exploring, searching, tasting each other. I break to your neck to kiss up one side and then the other. Reaching down to kiss the top of your breast and you need no encouragement, positioning yourself so I can run my tongue over your hard nipple as you rock back and forth on my cock. Your eyes close again and I know the look that passes over your face. Your in your own world now. Your mind is racing and body is waiting to catch up. Your breathing ragged as you start to fuck me harder and harder with your hips. Moaning out. Your hands grab my shoulders and I'm actually surprised by your grip. Your hips are like a piston rocking up and down on me. My every urge is to stand up and put you against that balcony, but I resist, knowing you are getting closer, knowing what you want and need. Your body begins to glisten with perspiration and with each thrust I pull your hips even harder down on to me, forcing myself deeper and deeper. You cry out with your last thrust and I feel your pussy tighten around me - fucking incredible. Deep, so deep. I pull you to me and wrap my arms around you, holding you close. My cock still throbbing inside you. Your eyes open and there's that wicked smile again. Happy? Very. My hands only slightly encouraging you, just a hint of movement. Mmmmm right there, right there. It's almost painful I'm so sensitive and I can tell I'm rushing to the edge. The wave is building so fast. Oh fuck. I reach out to kiss you, deeply. My eyes on yours as I grip your hips hard and explode inside you, pulsing, pulling you to me to kiss you hard, deep and long.

I can't wait for tonight...


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